Winsley Neighbourhood Watch

WINSLEY NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH  –  Sat. 29th December 2018

 Two crimes just before Christmas

  1. Damage to a wall

Serious damage has been caused to the stone wall which runs alongside the footpath on the left as you leave the village in the Bath direction. What is particularly annoying is that the wall has been built entirely by volunteers. In addition to the damage, closer inspection revealed that a number of stones had been stolen. There were tractor tyre marks in the vicinity. If anyone can throw any light on this incident, please do let me know.

  1. Theft in the old village

There is a house just beyond the Church in the old village where the resident sells bags of kindling from his conservatory. Several of the bags were stolen immediately before Christmas. The fact that the house in question is tucked away reinforces the need for us all to be vigilant at all times.




Roy Ludlow (tel. 868779)

29th December 2018