Winsley Neighbourhood Watch


 Attempted forced entry into garage

 A resident on the Tyning Road estate returned from holiday to find that someone had attempted (unsuccessfully, fortunately) to break into his garage. I am grateful to two NW co-ordinators for giving me this information. The resident did not report the matter to the Police, as he felt that no action would be possible; my own view, which I am sure Andrew MacLachlan would support, is that such matters should always be reported.

Two other points have been brought to my attention:

Firstly, a good deal of building work is being undertaken in Tyning Road, which means a) that there is a good deal of building material being left around, which could prove a temptation to a potential thief, and b) with so many workmen legitimately in the area, it is impossible to know if anybody is there without good reason.

Secondly, a number of drones have been seen in the Tyning Road area. It is impossible to know from where they are being controlled. I am sure that the Police will be interested in this matter.

As ever, the message with all these matters is that we must always be vigilant.

Roy Ludlow

13th February 2019