Highway Safety – Resident’s Survey

Winsley Parish Council

Highway Safety – Resident’s Survey

Many thanks to all residents who took the time to complete the Highway Safety Survey published in the January Weaver.

The Council considered the raw data drawn from the responses at the Parish Council meeting on 5thFebruary 2019.

The electorate for the Parish is 1539.

In total there were 88 responses (5.5% of electorate ~ 11% of residences), 41 were received electronically and 47 in hard copy.


  1. 40 responses said there was a problem with speed on residential roads, 46 said there wasn’t.
  2. 26 said that the Parish Council should pay for a survey of vehicle volume & speed on residential roads in Winsley using metro-counters, 51 said no.
  3. Support for action on residential roads
  • 53 want some action. 35 don’t.
  • 18 want 20 mph speed limits. 57 don’t.
  • 43 want a Speed Indicator Device. 37 don’t.
  • 7 want carriageway narrowing. 63 don’t.
  • 15 want speed cushions. 56 don’t.
  1. Overall the survey indicated greater concern over the speed on the B3108 “Winsley By Pass” than on the residential roads. Reducing the speed on the B3108 was ranked as the key priority by 45% of responses compared to 28% for residential roads.

There were a number of varied suggestions and comments made in some of the returns and further analysis of these will be undertaken for the March Parish Council meeting.

The spreadsheet of results can be found here.