Winsley Neighbourhood Watch


 Attempted burglary in Tyning Road

On Thursday evening (6th June) there were two attempted burglaries in Tyning Road. A couple returning to their home just before midnight noticed two people behaving suspiciously at the side of a semi-detached house. The couple approached the people, who promptly ran off.

It appears that they had tried to break into two adjoining houses, one via the side door into the garage. Both properties were occupied at the time. In one instance a security light had been put out of action.

Both culprits were wearing black ‘hoodies’ and trainers. One was wearing grey shorts. The Police were called and statements and descriptions given.

This is an opportunity to remind ourselves that doors to the outside of the house, and windows, should always be kept locked or bolted, even when we are at home.

A car parked at the bottom of Dane Close the Sunday before last (2nd June), during the afternoon, was deliberately scratched by a key. If anyone can shed any light on this thoroughly unpleasant incident, do please let me know.

Roy Ludlow

10th June 2019

Tel. 01225 868779