Winsley Neighbourhood Watch

WINSLEY NW – Thursday 11th July 2019

Three points: one general, one specific and a personal statement.

1 – General

This is a point which I always make at this time of year, ie as holidays approach.

May I, again, suggest five golden rules when people are away:

  1. Please be willing to have a neighbour’s key and contact details
  2. De keep a careful watch on the empty property
  3. Put out and take in dustbins
  4. Take in deliveries, eg if left on the doorstep
  5. Push any circulars, etc, through the door and collect up any conspicuous post.

We can then leave for our holidays with peace of mind.I feel that this is really the essence of neighbourhood watch.

2 – Specific – a theft at Avonpark

It is sad to report that recently a car was broken into at Avonpark and a purse stolen. I know that some of us do visit friends, etc. at Avonpark, so do please take care.

As a general rule, items of value should not be left in view in a vehicle anywhere.

3 – Personal Statement

It is now nearly14 years since I took over, from the late Bob Owens, the co-ordination of Neighbourhood Watch in Winsley and the surrounding area. I do have other responsibilities in the village; indeed, I have just taken on the role of joint churchwarden at St Nicholas. I have therefore decided to relinquish the role of NW co-ordinator at the end of this calendar year. I very much hope that someone will be willing to take it on. It is not an arduous job; you will all have an idea of the relatively small amount of work involved by how (in)frequently you have received theses missives from me. If you are interested, and would like to discuss it, do please make contact.

Roy Ludlow   (tel. 01225 868779)

11th July 2019