Winsley Neighbourhood Watch

Message from Wiltshire Police:

“We received several calls from residents yesterday about door to door callers. Just to clarify a few things about these callers. They are known as Nottingham Knockers as the scheme originated from that area many years ago. Nowadays, they tend to come from the Middlesborough and Hartlepool area. They arrive in a group by mini bus from their area and stay in a hostel, usually in Bath or Bristol. They pay around £30 to the leader for their bag of good (dusters, cleaning products etc) and are then dropped off each day in an area and collected 2 hours later. Any money they make over £30 they keep. They will knock on your door and say they are getting their life back together and are selling household items.

The ID they carry is fake. They will be nice until you decline to buy at which point they may say something not so nice, and will then usually leave.

The offence they are committing is “Peddling without a license” from the Pedlars Act 1871.

More of a concern, is that they might make note of vulnerable addresses (usually elderly residents) and can sell those addresses on to rogue traders who will then target them.

If they visit you, politely decline to buy anything from them and close the door and call 101 – try and note their clothing, brief description and direction of travel. If you have elderly or vulnerable neighbours, maybe pop in to check they are OK.”