Supporting Rural Bus Services

A summary of the governments £220m “better deal for bus users” and how to make suggestions for improved or enhanced bus services in Wiltshire can be found HERE

Winsley Parish Council discussed this at their meeting on Tuesday 3rd March 2020 and agreed that the following response should be shared with residents prior to submission:

“The document is only requesting input at this stage on the Wiltshire allocation of £671k to improve local bus services over a 12-18 month period. This requires an urgent response, less so consideration of the remainder of the briefing note.

From this our comments are limited to:

Recognising that Winsley is well served by the D1 Service being on the route between Bath, Trowbridge and beyond.

The adherence to the published timetable is at times seriously compromised.

An early morning bus to Bath was removed in November 2019 and consideration should be made to its reinstatement.

Coinciding with trains serving Bath Station, particularly in the late evening.

Acknowledge that real time information cannot be displayed at every rural bus stop but should be available by way of a bus tracking app.

Display fares for a journey using the app and using this to pay (payment by smartphone already exists)

Contactless payment to be encouraged through lower fares which should lead to improved bus punctuality.

The bus fares should be reviewed. The current  cost is  ~ 60p per mile from Winsley to Bath.

The implementation of a CAZ in Bath should not detrimentally affect public transport into Bath.

The rest of the briefing note contains a number of initiatives which mainly affect urban public transport / road infrastructure but could spin off to benefit rural routes especially where they transit urban areas.

These include, zero or low emission / alternative fuel buses, higher bus frequency, on demand services.

The largest initiative relates to “Urban Superbus” for which Wiltshire is ineligible.”

Any further comments from residents will be appreciated.

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