Land at the end of Northfield

The Parish Council is aware that land at the end of Northfield has been listed for sale. Although this land has been used for years as a public amenity, the land is privately owned by the original developer of the estate.
This area is an important recreational asset for the village and has been used by generations for play and exercise. In response to recent requests from local families the Parish Council invested in new goal posts which have been popular with local children.
The Parish Council wants to see this land continue to be used as a public amenity area and will be exploring all potential measures to ensure this green space remains protected for future generations.
Update – 18 February: We’ve established that this area of land is located within the West Wilts green belt and outside the settlement boundary of Winsley. This, along with the fact that it has been fully accessible to the public for circa 50 years, means it has very significant protection from ever being developed. Councillors are trying to contact the company that currently owns the land.