Winturwell WI

Organisation: Winturwell WI – Charity No 1016758
Contact Details: Mrs Sally Long – President
Tel: 01225 723552
Mrs Carolyne Coles  – Secretary
Tel: 01225 864475
Venue: Winsley Village Hall 2nd Thursday of each month

General History of Winturwell WI
It is the 1960’s, a modern estate built in Winsley, new families with young children and babies move into the houses – what do the Mums do in the evenings?
Dad is home and you can leave the children with him, you want something to keep the brain ticking over – the WI is at hand with, for a start, a ready made list of Speakers on different subjects. Winturwell, i.e. Win from Winsley, Tur from Turleigh and Well Conkwell, was born on the 27th February 1967 with 28 ladies joining.

We now have a membership of nearly 70 including some of the original members.

We welcome all newcomers to our organisation, do come along and meet us all and find out what is in store for you should you decide to join.

Programme details for the current month can be seen here.