Bus Route Changes

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An open meeting was held on 13th September at which Mr Jonathan Barnard of First Bus was present.

It was clear that the majority of those present were against the new route and wanted the original split route re-instated. Local resident Bob Williams then explained how a slight variation on the old 264 route would give everyone at least an hourly service, and this suggestion was well received.

A vote was taken among those present.

In favour of the new single route:  2

In favour of reverting to the previous 2-route system:  17

In favour of adopting Mr Williams’s revised 2-route system:  19

Full details, including maps, of both versions of the 2-route system, will shortly be displayed on the website, on notice boards around the Parish and where possible in bus shelters.  Residents are asked to say which route they favour.  Please do this by September 25th. The Parish Council will then make an informed recommendation to be passed to First Bus at the end of this month.

It must be stressed that the formal process for changing a route requires at least 56 days to complete.  The present single route will remain until at least the beginning of December.

If any of this information is unclear, please contact me (723090) or the Parish Clerk (01249 782367).


Chairman Winsley Parish Council

14 September 2013