Neighbourhood Watch

 WINSLEY NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH  —  21st September 2013

Burglaries in the Locality

The Police have informed me that during the past week there have been many overnight burglaries in Bradford. On Monday evening these spread along the canal, so to speak, to Avoncliff and Winsley Hill.

Some of the houses targeted were not locked; in other cases entry had been forced. Items taken include cash, credit cards and small electronic equipment such as i Pads.

Please secure all doors and windows when leaving the house and at night. Police advice is to keep all ‘tempting’ items, such as handbags, wallets and small electronic items, in your bedroom overnight.

These incidents follow a fairly long crime-free period to which I hope we shall soon return.

May I remind everyone of the new Police non-emergency number, namely 101. The emergency number remains 999, of course.

Roy Ludlow

21st September 2013