The Winsley Village Project

The Winsley Village Project

The Village Project has a unique place in Winsley life – combining social events open to all local residents with fundraising focus for the benefit of people in significant need. Founded in 1985 in the wake of the Ethiopian Famine Appeal, it has subsequently raised over £162,000 for charities supporting projects in developing countries. It organises 4 or 5 gatherings every year, generally involving food and drink!

A small committee, together with many more helpers, plans events and chooses charities to support. Currently, the charities supported by The Village Project are:

Just a Drop – delivers accessible, clean and safe water alongside health and sanitation programmes. The Village Project has raised sufficient funds in recent years for a new pump to be installed in Busaikya (Uganda) and a water-harvesting tank at Kyala School (Kenya). The latest challenge is to establish a borehole water supply in a Zambian village by 2018.

Médecins Sans Frontiѐres provides emergency medical assistance and international humanitarian aid in areas needing rapid response as they face a variety of disasters. The Village Project, through special appeals and general funds, has made recent contributions especially after the Philippines typhoon, Ebola outbreak and Syrian tragedy.

Hope & Homes for Childrenworks towards closing orphanages and reforming childcare systems through involvement with government agencies. It supports the moving of children back into their families or other family based care, as well as taking preventative initiatives with families at risk of breakdown. It started with projects in Eastern Europe but is now involved with countries in Africa and South America.

If you think you could help our work, or if you would like to know more about the Project, please contact James Colquhoun – Chair – Tel: 01225 720038 E-mail: colquhounjames(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Midsummer 2017 Review

Dates for Diary 2017 – Everyone Welcome:

Saturday 16 September – 3.00 pm FAMILY TREASURE HUNT

Saturday 18 November10.00 am in Village Hall – AUTUMN FAIR





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