Parish Council Meeting Minutes 7th January 2014


 Winsley Parish Council


Minutes of a meeting held at the Church Hall, Winsley


On the 7th January 2014 at 8pm


The meeting commenced at 8pm


Parish Councillors present: Cllr. Gilby (Chair), Cllr. Kemp, Cllr. Davies, Cllr. Ladner, Cllr. Gough, Cllr. Barnes,  Cllr. Harrison and Cllr. Rowe.


Apologies: Clrs. Bennett and Poulsom


Also Present: 1 Member of the public




94. The minutes of the meeting held on 3rd December 2013,      were signed as a true record of the meeting, with two minor amendments.

Declarations of Interest: None


Public Participation: None


95. Matters Arising:

Cllr. Barnes updated on development on the website.


96. Bus Shelter update, it was reported by the Clerk that the shelter had been ordered. Original lead time was 5 weeks.


97. It was reported that road works due to start on the 6th January on Brassknocker hill could have a significant impact on the residents of Winsley, not least of all the bus users. It was reported by the Clerk that she had been in touch with First Bus to find out their plan of action. Cllr Barnes has been closely involved in trying to get better quality information from Highways to determine the exact nature of works. It was agreed by all that this should continue and that information should be displayed on the website and notice boards as soon as it was available and confirmed.


98. Planning:

W/13 06422/FUL Hurstbourne, 277 Green Lane, Turleigh. no comment by unanimous vote.




99.Cheques were drawn:

a. F Shanahan £419.92

b. Grant Thornton £120

C. Play Safety £261.60



100. Clerk’s Report

a.It was reported by the Clerk that the locks on the noticeboard outside the shop in the centre of Winsley were becoming more and more difficult to open. It was agreed by all that the Clerk and Cllr. Barnes should look at them and determine the best way to secure them.

b. It was reported that the clerk had received a request for a donation from the Citizens Advice Bureau. It was agreed that whilst Cllrs. felt this was a very worthy cause they had made the decision at a previous meeting that they were not able to contribute to charities unless they were within Winsley.




101. Cllr Harrison reported on the neighbourhood development plan. It was noted that the housing needs survey was shortly to be delivered and that anyone able to help with this should contact the Clerk or Cllr. Harrison. It was also reported that the next application for a grant of £7k would shortly be submitted.


102. Cllr Ladner reported that the CATG  were awaiting the results of Wiltshire Councils deliberations on the 20 mph criteria.


103. Meeting with Selwood Housing Association. It was agreed that the Clerk should arrange this for sometime in the next few weeks and that Cllr. Rowe should contact them direct as he plans to be away for the next four weeks.

104. War Memorial Refurb. It was agreed by all that this was progressing well and that the level of support from the pub in organising curry nights was much appreciated.


105. Next Meeting to be in the Church Hall, Winsley at 8pm on Tuesday the 4th of February 2014.



The meeting closed at 9.15pm


Cllr. Barnes