Neighbourhood Plan – Identifying Possible Development Sites





The Wiltshire Core Strategy sets out the requirement for new housing in Wiltshire for the period up to 2026. There is an expectation that Winsley will be required to contribute towards this target. An important part of the Neighbourhood Planning process is to determine where we, as a community, feel is the best location for any development of this kind.

Do you own land within or adjacent to the Winsley Settlement Area? Click here to access map.

Would you be interested in discussing its development potential as part of the Neighbourhood Plan?

If so, please get in touch with one of the Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group members whose details are given below.

Once we have identified and assessed all potential sites for development, we will hold further public meetings to present our findings and invite comment. In this way residents of the parish will have the opportunity to make informed choices about where and how much new housing should take place rather than have these decisions made for us.

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