Neighbourhood Plan Update January 2014

Progress Update  – January 2014

As part of the examination process into the Draft Wiltshire Core Strategy, Wiltshire council have been asked by the planning inspector to provide for an increased number of new homes across the county. In addition to the strategic sites outlined in their core strategy they will be looking to identify further sites for housing, potentially in large villages such as Winsley. It is therefore more critical than ever that Winsley progress with their Neighbourhood Plan and have our say where WE feel is the most appropriate site or sites for any future development over the next 10-15 years.

The Neighbourhood Planning Team is currently identifying potential sites, taking into account feedback received from the ‘Have Your Say’ survey, talking to landowners and assessing potential suitability.  Any input to this process at any time from any member of the community is welcomed. Once potential sites have been identified we will hold a further public meeting to invite comment. Whilst it is not the role of the Neighbourhood Plan to drive development or new housing, Winsley will be expected to accommodate new homes in order to contribute towards the national targets. The plan will give our community the opportunity to make informed choices about what and where this should take place before these decisions are made for us.

In parallel with this we have instigated a Housing Needs Survey. This is financed and managed by Wiltshire Council and is designed to help us understand what our housing need is. This will help us determine not only the number, but also the type of houses, if any, that Winsley need. By now I hope that every household will have received this survey. Thanks to Andy Parsons for organising distribution and to all those who helped with deliveries. Please take the time to complete it and post it back to Wiltshire Council in the envelope provided, or complete it online ( The deadline for responses is 21st Feb 2014   This data will be vital to the creation of a robust evidence base, which in turn is vital to our neighbourhood plan being accepted by Wiltshire Council.

The Neighbourhood Planning Team have already had the benefit of a small amount of help from a planning consultant but have now just been successful in attaining a grant for £6, 912 from the Department for Communities and Local Government. This will enable us to enlist further professional support and fund essential publicity and public participation events. A summary of the grant application can be viewed in Document 1. The grant award document can be viewed in Document 2.

In addition to the housing requirements for Winsley, the plan will address other issues raised in the ‘Have Your  Say’ survey. These issues include the Village Hall, parking, and improved sporting facilities. We would particularly welcome the involvement of anyone who has an interest in any of these topics. Without community involvement we will be unable to create a Neighbourhood Plan.


Grant Application:

NP Application Ref App-00570
Neighbourhood Organisation Winsley Parish Council
Main Point of Contact Helen Harrison
Total Grant Calculated £6,912.00
Total value of grant £6,912.00
Why grant is needed The grant will enable us to bring in professional support to help us build momentum and develop the initial stages of the plan to ensure that we bring together robust evidence, wide inclusive consultation and engagement and are aware of the key policy issues in our area. Although we are building our knowledge of the neighbourhood planning process, we do not have the expertise of a planning professional with the experience of helping to develop other neighbourhood plans. We feel that having this support is essential to develop the plan and we do not have sufficient funds to enable us to do this. The grant will also help to cover the costs around things like printing, copying and the hire of meeting and consultation space. We do not have access to a freely available room nor publishing equipment like a printer or copier. The money set aside by the Parish Council for neighbourhood planning activity is not enough to cover these anticipated costs (as it might be used for other things such as support from students to analyse further evidence material).Whilst the Parish Council have agreed to commit limited funds next financial year, these will not support the planned acitivities.
How it will help to move plan forward Please see comments above. In addition, having completed our 1st public consultation and analysed the responses we need help to revise the project plan in the light of this. We will need assistance in monitoring this plan and identifying associated costs. We need help in developing a framework for the research needed to achieve a robust evidence base and will require advice on interpretation of relevant strategic documents. From the evidence base we would benefit from assistance in identifying the key issues so that we can produce a draft summary report. Once the scope and content of the NP is in place we will need some advice on compiling our visions and objectives. In short, the consultant support that the grant will pay for will save us considerable time and effort by helping us to focus on the key things we need to and help steer us away from things we don’t need to do or dwell on. The funding for the other costs will mean that we do not have to be concerned about how to fully publicise and consult as widely as we wish to or hold progress up because of lack of funds.
Commissioned experts As we have worked effectively with Stuart Todd (Director of Stuart Todd Associates) in the early stages of this project, thanks to direct support from Locality, we would like to ask him to support us in the subsequent stages.We intend to use:Stuart Todd, Director of Stuart Todd Associates Ltd – Joint Honorary Secretary of the South West Royal Town Planning Institure Management Board (since 2012); Chartered Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (1999); Dip. Town & Regional Planning (1996, University of Sheffield) and Award for Outstanding Project; BA (Hons.) Urban Studies (1995, University of Sheffield). Stuart Todd Associates is also a member of Locality and is on the Planning Advisory Service Framework of conjunction withPaul Weston, Community Consultant -Diploma in Town & Country Planning 1974
Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute 1977-1997
Neighbourhood Regeneration Advisors Panel 2001-2005
Living Spaces Enabler for Groundwork (UK) 2003-2005
Market & Coastal Towns Consultants Panel 2006-2009
DTA/Locality Consultants Pool, Associate 2008-now .
VAT registered No
Supporting Documents


2. Funding to produce main elements of plan:

2. Main Elements of Plan Yes
2.1 Type of Activity Develop the evidence base 2.1 Cost £1,440.00
2.1 Budget Breakdown 3 days professional support @£480/day
2.2 Type of Activity Analyse the evidence base and identify the issues and aims for the plan 2.2 Cost £2,160.00
2.2 Budget Breakdown 4.5 days professional support@£480/day
2.3 Type of Activity Review Local Plan policies and identify strategic policies 2.3 Cost £1,440.00
2.3 Budget Breakdown 3 days professional support@£480/day
2.4 Type of Activity Identify and mediate with key stakeholders and partners 2.4 Cost £480.00
2.4 Budget Breakdown 1 day professional support@£480/day
2.5 Type of Activity Printing costs for publicity and consultation /venue hire 2.5 Cost £1,392.00
2.5 Budget Breakdown (1000 copies A4 with colour £250) x2 – design and layout 4 hours @£37/hour plus VAT plus posters, venue hire £50 x 6
2. Sub-Total Grant £6,912.00


Application Outcome:

Amount Panel Agreed £6,912.00
Planned Grant Start Date 08/01/2014
Planned Grant Finish Date 01/10/2014


Organisation Name – Winsley Parish Council

ID Number – 14085

Dear Helen Harrison,

RE: Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning

On behalf of The Department for Communities and Local Government, I would like to congratulate you and your organisation for being selected as one of the recipients of a Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning grant.

You have been awarded a grant of £6,912 and the first installment of your grant (£6,221) has been approved for payment. Please ensure that you have read the Terms & Conditions of your grant thoroughly to ensure you are clear on the requirements of the grant, including the reporting required to release the final installment. Guidance on how to complete the grant monitoring forms is attached below.

Please accept our warm congratulations on the success of your application. We look forward to working with you on this important project.

With best wishes,

Alice Wilcock

Director, Partnerships & Innovation