Water for a Kenyan School – Winsley Village Project

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Water for a Kenyan school

Phillip Bush

The Winsley Village Project raises funds for three charities, one of which is Just a Drop. As we reported in the February Weaver, we have taken on a new project to raise about £7,000 for them to provide a water harvesting and storage facility for a school in South Eastern Kenya. This is an exceptionally poor and disadvantaged part of an already poor country, with a rapidly growing population, inadequate water supplies, and falling food production.

We have just heard that the school we will be supporting will be Kyala School, which has 258 children (aged from 5 to 15) and 9 teachers. At present, the children have to collect water every day from a scoop hole alongside a river, 6 km from the school; the water is taken by donkey and cart back to the school. Because it is a small hole, water collection takes about 1½ hours and this has to take place before school every day. The school shares the hole with other members of the community and with livestock, so the water soon becomes contaminated, dirty, and unsafe – having to use it for drinking and cooking brings the dangers of diarrhoea, blindness and many other diseases.

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So far, Winsley village has raised £2,500 towards the total. When completed, it will provide a 103 cubic metre (23,000 gallon) storage tank at the school. The benefits from this will include not only improvements in health and education, but also enable more children to come to school – and getting more children to school (particularly girls) is one of the most effective ways of breaking the poverty cycle. Education is vital to give the next generation the chance to move on and improve their lives.

It is also really excellent news that Winsley School has chosen to start a link with Kyala School, and to take on this project as their charity of the year. We look forward to their support and would also welcome similar help from any other village organisation.

The attached photograph shows the water hole currently used by Kyala School. Thank you all for your support of our recent projects. We hope you will help to support this one as generously as you have before