Flower & Vegetable Show 2015 – Cancellation

To the Residents of Winsley Parish

Flower and Vegetable Show 2015

We called off the Flower Show on Wednesday 2nd September in the afternoon 
having had a total of 20 entrants – no way could we have a Show with that number. This time final entries were Thursday but even so we could not put on a show with 30 entrants and we need AT LEAST 80 enrants with about 300 separate 
It has been suggested by some that we could prepare the Village Hall on the Friday – that day is kept clear for the competitors to get their exhibits ready. We get the Hall ready therefore on Thursday afternoon. This takes 6 strong men to take the “cages” off the heaters,get all the tables out, transport the tables from the Church Hall- after the artists have finished – set out all the tables, erect the staging for the flower arrangements(this takes time as it is no easy task), put clean white paper on the staging, sort out indvidual places for the exhibits and label them.

We are sorry that parishoners were upset about the cancellation but the Committee were ALSO very upset at all the hard work of, amongst other jobs, arranging judges ,stewards a Cup presenter,and refreshments that had to be “undone”.

We start in January for the Flower Show in September and IF there is a Flower Show, PLEASE get your entries in early and if anything should befall an entry surely 20p. is not earth-shattering.

Winsley Flower & Vegetable Show Organising Committee