Neighbourhood Watch News


On Tuesday afternoon (15th September) at about 1.30 a man claiming to be from British Gas called at a house in Fieldins, purportedly to inspect the location of the meter. He said that British Gas were planning to replace all gas pipes in the Winsley area. The occupier became suspicious and contacted British Gas. They said that no major work was planned for Winsley and could not account for this man. Therefore, it appears that this man is a bogus caller, possibly looking for vulnerable residents.

He is described as being approximately 5′ 8″ tall with grey hair. He repeatedly showed an ID card with a photograph.

Please contact me or the Police (on 101) immediately if you encounter him. But please note that I shall be away on holiday next week.


A few weeks ago an elderly and unwell resident became uncomfortable and suspicious when she was asked for credit card details over the ‘phone. When she refused to give them the caller became aggressive. This was another case of a fraudulent call. Please be wary of giving such details and do not do so if you have suspicions.

Roy Ludlow

01225 868779