Bogus workmen – a particularly callous crime

The following incident occurred about a month ago but has only just come to my attention.

An elderly lady in Ashley Lane was visited some two months ago by a man who suggested that he should undertake maintenance work on her drive. He spoke with an Irish accent. As the drive had been recently laid she assumed the man was from the company which had done this work, but this was not the case. She agreed and about a month later two different men arrived. They did no work at all, but simply tipped a bag of sand onto the ground next to the drive.

One of the men then demanded £350 in cash in a threatening manner. Understandably. the resident concerned felt frightened – I shall add that her husband is very ill – and did as she was asked.

Although this matter did not come to my attention at the time, the Police were informed by the elderly couple’s daughters who were, understandably, incensed by the situation.

May I make two points. Firstly, we should all be on our guard against such fraudulent tradesmen. It makes sense to make contact ourselves with a reputable company which is known to us. Secondly, please may we be aware of the possibility of vulnerable neighbours being exploited; we could be willing to act as a point of contact for them if they should find themselves in a situation such as this and be uncertain as to how to react.

Roy Ludlow

21st May 2016