Winsley Parish Council – B3108 Statement

Winsley Parish Council calls on Wiltshire Council to review safety on B3108

Following a spate of crashes on the B3108, popularly referred to as Winsley bypass, Winsley Parish Council contacted Wiltshire Council’s Highways Department to ask for a review of the safety of the road. Following a response from Wiltshire Council which stated that the road did not meet their criteria for action of “3 incidents in 3 years”, the Parish Council has serious doubts about the manner in which data on accidents is collected and calls again on Wiltshire Council to review the safety of the road.

Of particular concern to Winsley Parish Council is the roundabout at Bradford on Avon end of the bypass stretch. There have been three significant collisions on or close to the roundabout so far this year, including one where a car travelling from Bath entered the roundabout at speed, lost control and crashed through a resident’s wall to end up in their garden. Despite this spate of recent incidents, Wiltshire Council maintains that only three recorded crashes have occurred at the roundabout since 1997.

A spokesman for the Parish Council said “Local residents are becoming increasingly worried about the safety of this 50mph stretch of road, which lies so close to a residential area and which families cross daily to access the popular Hartley Farm shop and Bradford on Avon RFC, both of which have appeared since the road opened and had its speed limit assigned. We share these worries and are particularly concerned about the roundabout, which cars travelling from Bath enter at very high speeds. There is no signage to warn of the roundabout other than a direction sign, and the road markings and stop line have completely worn away. We have seen three potentially serious accidents at the roundabout in just a few months and young people from the village cross the B3108 at the roundabout to access schools in Bradford on Avon.”

Volunteers from the Parish Council conducted a count of pupils from the village crossing the roundabout on foot to get to St Laurence School in Bradford. 29 children were counted crossing the busy road between 8 and 8:40am, with 28 returning between 3 and 3:40pm, with in excess of 400 cars passing in both directions in each 40-minute slot.

The Parish Council spokesman continued “It is clear that a relatively large number of young people cross this busy road on a dangerous roundabout with a high volume of traffic travelling at speed of up to and very often in excess of 50mph. This concerns us greatly, as do the spate of recent crashes at the junction of the B3108, Dane Rise and the lane to Hartley Farm, where many families cross through fast moving traffic. We’ve tried to alleviate the danger to pedestrians here by improving footpaths but more needs to be done to control speeds on the road. We are conscious that achieving speed limit change is fraught with difficulty, but we call on Wiltshire Council to work proactively with us to improve the safety of the road and ensure speed limits are adhered to, before we witness a fatality.”

The junction at Dane Rise has been the scene of three recent crashes, with another instance where a car left the road at speed and crashed through a wall into a resident’s garden.