Neighbourhood Watch Update



 This morning, in broad daylight, between 10.00 and 12.00, a house at the Winsley end of Bradford Road was burgled. The resident had gone into Bradford-on-Avon and, during her absence, the culprits entered the property via a window at the back, which had been closed but not locked. It is clear that they were looking for money, as they found some jewellery but discarded it. Fortunately they left empty handed.
It may well be that they were disturbed by someone passing or even calling. If anyone has any information, please let me know (01225 868779).
In the light of this incident, may we all take great care to secure all doors and windows thoroughly when we leave our house, even during daylight.


 May I warn you against this company, which may call you in order to offer a service which stops nuisance calls. The person who calls may well say that the service costs some £3 per month but, in fact, they require a single payment of £198.99 to cover five years. A Winsley resident, who signed up for this and immediately regretted it, was assured that he would receive his money back. He subsequently received a letter informing him that his direct debit had been cancelled but, six weeks later, has still not received anything. The local MP, Ms Michelle Donelan, is now working on it.

Roy Ludlow

4th October 2016