Neighbourhood Watch Update

Winsley Neighbourhood Watch – Wed. 14th Oct. 2016

 There has been another case of a resident being asked to supply confidential details of bank account number, credit card number, etc., this time by email.

The email was from someone purporting to represent HMRC. It claimed that a tax refund was due, hence the request for the above details.

The resident concerned had the presence of mind to telephone HMRC and was informed that they never send emails requesting such details.

I imagine that most, if not all, of us purchase goods and / or services via the computer or the ‘phone and so give out credit card details, etc. May I nevertheless advise great caution. Perhaps the safest way to deal with this problem is to give these details only if we have initiated the transaction and therefore know the organisation to be genuine. If anyone has any other useful advice, I would be interested to hear it.

Roy Ludlow

14th October 2016

01225 868779