Highways Statement – Winsley Parish Council

Winsley Parish Council has long been conscious of local concerns regarding the safety of the B3108 where it passes through the parish.

A spate of car accidents on the road last year led the Parish Council to again approach Wiltshire Council for action to addresses safety issues on the road, and there has since been an approach by a residents’ group on Winsley Hill about safety concerns around the canal bridge at the bottom of the hill. Winsley Parish Council has been in ongoing liaison with the Highways Department at Wiltshire Council. Parish Councillors John Barnes, Ed Gilby, Johnny Kidney and Robin Davies met with Wiltshire Council’s Highways Officer in the village in late 2016 to show him some of the areas of concern. As a result of the meeting and further discussions, a list of proposed highways works has been agreed by the Parish Council. These works include:

Routine maintenance at the approach to the roundabout, including refreshing of white lines and improved signage.

Improve pedestrian safety by establishing countdown markers on the approach to the roundabout travelling towards Bradford on Avon. This is the principle point at which children cross to the B3108 to access St Laurence School.


Increase size of island exiting Bradford Road roundabout towards Bradford on Avon to compel vehicles to reduce speed on entering and exiting the roundabout.

Establish a metro-counter on the B3108 to build a case for a review of the current speed limit and/or the implementation of speed control measures.

Improve safety at the junction of Dane Rise and the B3108 and Haugh Lane/Hartley Farm by establishing red road painting.


Improve pedestrian safety by providing a “safe haven” over the Canal Bridge at bottom of Winsley Hill, with countdown markers and red road painting.

Investigate possibility of establishing vehicle priority over the Canal Bridge, similar to the railway bridge, giving priority to vehicles travelling towards Winsley.


Road-markings for all bus stops, and where possible, provision of bus stop laybys.

Drop kerbs and hard standing for all bus stops where possible.

In addition to the works on the B3108, the Parish Council has also identified the need to establish a new footpath and safe crossing point on Dane Rise, easing pedestrian movement from King Alfred Way to the footpath leading to the playpark and school.


Apart from those works identified as routine maintenance, Winsley Parish Council is likely to have to fund the majority of these works. We are currently in discussions with Wiltshire Council as to the estimated costs of these works and the level of funding they might contribute, but we expect this to only amount to a maximum of 25% of the cost. As a result, the Parish Council has taken the decision to maintain the Parish Precept at its current level to budget for the highways improvements, in addition to routine maintenance in the village. The Precept is the percentage of residents’ Council Tax bill that contributes directly to the Parish Council budget to carry out local works.

For any further information please contact the Parish Clerk at clerk(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)winsley.org.uk