Neighbourhood Watch




There has been a burglary in Late Broads. It happened either Tuesday or Wednesday night (11th or 12th April). The occupants were away on holiday and the break-in was discovered by a neighbour who did all the right things. The occupants returned immediately from holiday and the Police have attended.

The intruders entered the house from the back garden. They did so by completely smashing a French window with a brick that was lying on the ground. It appears that they were looking for expensive jewellery (not the costume variety) and they seem to have left empty handed. They ignored a sum of money and computer equipment, which was clearly visible. As far as I am aware, no-one saw or heard anything suspicious, but if anybody does have information, please contact me on 868779 or the Police on 101.

While accepting that our homes cannot be completely burglar-proof, there are lessons to be learned. On the positive side, the occupants had done the right thing in leaving a key and contact details with a neighbour. I shall emphasise the importance of this again before the summer holidays are upon us. Secondly, do avoid leaving bricks or large stones lying around if you can. (I am aware that large stones are often part of garden features.) Thirdly, do place items of money and valuables out of sight as far as is possible. Finally, do use your intruder alarm if you have a reliable one.

Our sincere commiserations are extended to the unfortunate victims.

Roy Ludlow

Good Friday, 14th April 2017