Neighbourhood Watch


This incident occurred at 1.00 pm last Sunday, 7th May. The resident concerned, who lives on the edge of the village, answered a call at the door. A man was holding a bucket and asked her for some water for his horse (yes – it sounds improbable, I know). Before the lady concerned had had time to consider the matter she noticed a second man emerging from behind the house. Realising that this was an attempted distraction robbery she closed the door and called the Police.

It is pleasing and reassuring to report that the Police responded splendidly, with as many as nine officers attending in various capacities. They have been searching for the culprits.

May we all be on our guard against this despicable type of crime. Please warn anybody you know, neighbour or otherwise, who might be vulnerable in such a situation.

Roy Ludlow

13th May 2017