Neighbourhood Watch – 2nd July 2017


There are three matters this time:

  1. Problems with noise
    A resident in Dane Rise recently contacted me about young people playing football well past midnight very near his home. They were making a great deal of noise. The Police have mounted patrols but Andrew MacLachlan has informed me that, if noise alone is the problem, then it is a matter for Wiltshire Council, not the Police. So do please contact the Council if you are being disturbed by noise. Also, I would be interested to hear from anyone who has experience of Council action on noise disturbance.
  2. A strange and worrying incident
    A resident of the old village, who lives alone, had a very disturbing experience recently. Arriving back home late one evening, she saw an old lady in her back garden. This person was carrying a bag and behaving oddly. She said that she was disorientated, having been to The Seven Stars. (Many of us may have had a similar experience!) To be serious, the resident was, naturally, extremely alarmed. The old lady, when confronted, soon went on her way. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience or who can throw any light on this incident.
  1. Security at holiday time
    May I remind everyone, at this time of year, of the importance of our supporting each other when people are away on holiday:a) Please be willing to have a neighbour’s key and contact details.
    b) Do keep a careful watch on the empty property.
    c) Put out and take in dustbins.
    d) Take in deliveries, eg if left on doorstep.
    e) Push any circulars, etc, through the door and collect up any conspicuous post.

We can then leave for our holidays with far greater peace of mind.

As I have often said, I believe that such mutual assistance is the very essence of Neighbourhood Watch.

Thank you.

Roy Ludlow 2nd July 2017