Neighbourhood Watch News – May 2018


There are several important matters this time, both specific and general


There have been two thefts recently in our locality:

  1. In Ashley Lane, Winsley, a man pulled up in a red van with roofing ladders on the roof. He entered a stable yard and stole some rugs. This theft occurred at about 10.45 am on Thursday 3rd May.
  2. In Turleigh, during the night of Monday 7th May, a garden shed was broken into. The doors were ripped off at the hinges. A STIHL petrol driven chain saw and a petrol driven hedge trimmer were stolen.

In the light of these two incidents, both involving thefts beyond the properties themselves, we all need to be particularly vigilant at this time.

  1. A resident recently answered the door to a man who said he was in the area and was offering a ‘pressure cleaning’ service for outside walls, etc. The resident could see no signs of vans and equipment and was suspicious.

In such cases the advice is not to respond to such “offers” but to use contractors who are known to be reputable.

GENERAL — Security at holiday time

At this time of year may I remind everybody of the five “golden rules” when people are away on holiday:

  1. Please be willing to have a neighbour’s key and contact details.
  2. Do keep a careful watch on the empty property.
  3. Put out and take in dustbins.
  4. Take in deliveries, eg if left on doorstep
  5. Push any circulars, etc. through the door and collect up any conspicuous post.

We can then leave for our holiday with peace of mind.

As I always say when offering this advice, I feel that these “rules” constitute the very essence of neighbourhood watch.

Roy Ludlow 9th May 2018