Neighbourhood Watch News – June 2018


Wednesday 13th June 2018

Spate of burglaries in Winsley – Monday and Tuesday of this week

On Monday (12th) there were no fewer than four burglaries between 07.22 and 14.01 in Winsley, and there was another at 06,28 the following day (yesterday).

In three of these the suspects forced their way into garages; on one occasion entry was via an insecure door, on another by a window that the suspects broke, and the third by the forcing of a secured door. In the other incident entry to a house was gained via an insecure french window.

Power tools were stolen from one of the garages and a motorcycle from another. In the other cases nothing appears to have been taken.

Please ensure that all doors and windows to your house and garage are fully secured.

Roy Ludlow
13th June 2018