West Wiltshire Large sized village


Place: 1 out of 4

Winsley – a large village about 2 miles west of Bradford on Avon.

The village presented a hugely compelling and competent entry including a Report, especially created for CPRE, a copy of the Footpath Map, and their 36 page month village magazine, the Winsley Weaver. The only piece of information which we felt could be improved was the street map. Finding some of the features listed in the key definitely proved challenging!

The Winsley Community Website provides a wealth of up to date information, it is well laid out and easy to navigate. The Village Diary is particularly useful and is packed full of up and coming events and classes. And just scrolling through the ‘Clubs’ page provides details of eighteen different clubs and groups available, ranging from Winsley Sewing Bee to Winsley Pottery Club.

For anyone new to the village, the Photo Gallery provides a real insight into projects and events available, right up to the recent Scarecrow Festival. And throughout the website, users are encouraged to email through information for inclusion.

The lasting impression from the information provided is that this is a vibrant, active, happy village- a real community who are keen for people to get involved and enjoy everything that it has to offer.

During our visit and walking through from the Church onto the Bradford Road, the lasting impression was of a village which is well tended and cared for (not a piece of litter in sight). Even the bus shelters were clean and well looked after. The Bowls Club and adjoining Village Hall were beautifully presented and very well kept as were other public open spaces and buildings.

Public notice boards too were clean and displayed up to date information. (It was nice to see that the village doesn’t rely on their website alone to make information available).

The school and grounds were very well cared for, and the area directly next door and outside the village shop was clear of litter and well presented.

And although time didn’t allow us to visit the Nature Reserves, it is a credit to the volunteers involved that they have not one, but two areas within the village and have an active and ongoing Work Programme to maintain and improve them.

This is clearly a village that takes pride in its environment and it was a pleasure to spend time there.

Stephanie Szakalo

June 2018

Second round (County) judging takes place between
1st and 31st July