Neighbourhood Watch Alert


Theft in Cottles Lane

 Some residents are having major work done on a bungalow in Cottles Lane and are not currently living in it. Last Saturday morning, at about 8.40, several thousand pounds worth of bathroom ware was stolen – toilets, a bath, basins, shower screen, shower equipment, taps, etc. None of the items had been fitted and they were still in their original packing. A van was seen parked outside the bungalow at the time stated above.

Given that nothing else was taken, it is clear that the thieves knew exactly what they were after and had prepared the theft. The previous Thursday afternoon three young men in high visibility jackets were seen behaving suspiciously near the top of Cottles Lane. This may be relevant

May I suggest that, in the light of this, we take all necessary precautions. Also, if anyone can throw any more light on the theft would they please contact me.

Roy Ludlow
01225 868779