Winsley Neighbourhood watch

WINSLEY NW — Wednesday 15th August 2018


Three matters – all demanding vigilance

  1. A resident nearly became the victim of a telephone fraud earlier this week. She is in the process of changing her ‘phone provider. A man purporting to represent the new company ‘phoned her with a number of queries which were, initially, quite plausible and harmless. However, when he began asking for details of bank accounts and so forth, she naturally became suspicious and rang off. She contacted both companies and was assured that the caller was not genuine; clearly one of the companies has a criminal employee.

May I stress that we should never give bank details over the ‘phone; indeed, reputable companies will never ask for them.

  1. Another resident, living on the Tyning Road estate, answered a ring at the door to be confronted by an odd looking lady, whom she described as an ‘ageing hippy’! This person referred to a letter the resident had received a few days earlier, which offered a £5 discount for a service in which the resident was not interested. The caller offered to increase it to £25 and placed her foot in the doorway to prevent the door being closed. This, of course, is totally unacceptable. The caller did eventually leave.

I would be interested to hear of any such further incidents.

  1. On 11th August there was a burglary in Great Ashley. The culprit was able to enter the house after breaking a pane of glass in the front door. After searching the house the culprit stole some jewellery.

Roy Ludlow

15th August 2018