About the Parish Council

Winsley Parish Council exists to serve and represent the best interests of everyone who lives in the local parish community.

It operates within the wider legal framework that establishes and empowers all forms of local government including parish councils.

Councillors are democratically elected and serve the parish as volunteers. They receive no financial reward for what they do.  The business of the Parish Council is administered by the Parish Clerk, who is also the Council’s Responsible Finance Officer.  The Clerk is an employee of the Council and can be contacted via email: clerk(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)winsley.org.uk
For Councillors’ names and contact details, please click here.



Meetings of Winsley Parish Council are normally held either in the Church hall or Village hall on the first Tuesday of each month (except August) unless advertised differently. Meetings start at 8.00pm . Provisional dates and venues of future meetings can be found here. The agenda is displayed, three days in advance of a Meeting on the Notice Board in Tyning Road. It is also available on the website news section hereMinutes, once approved by the Parish Council and signed by the Chairman, are displayed on the main notice board in Tyning Road on the website here and are available direct from the Parish Clerk. Any member of the parish is welcome to attend council meetings. An opportunity is provided for local residents to speak during a Council Meeting on any item on the published agenda. All other matters should be addressed directly to the Clerk in writing or by email.

Dates of forthcoming meetings:

Planning Applications for consideration by the Parish Council are indicated on the agenda for a Parish Council meeting. During the course of the meeting, Councillors will discuss any points raised and agree comments to be made to the Wiltshire Council planning authority. For fuller information on the planning process, click here

Local services that come within the ambit of the parish council include:

  • Village Green spaces
  • Public notice boards
  • Playgrounds and play areas
  • Tourism promotion materials
  • Car parking
  • Sports pitches
  • Street lighting
  • Public seats and bus shelters
  • Litter bins
  • Recreational facilities

Powers granted to the Parish Council:

  • Comment on planning applications
  • Get rights of ways cleared
  • Get street lights repaired; Maintain rights of way
  • Clear ponds and ditches
  • Maintain war memorials
  • Give grants to local organisations

A right exists for the parish council to be consulted on matters relating to local crime and ways to reduce the incidence of crime.

Freedom of Information (FoI) is respected by the timely publication of information about parish affairs, on public notice boards, this website and in the Winsley Weaver magazine. The FoI Publication Scheme is available here.

To view Winsley Parish Council’s Standing Orders please click here.

To view Winsley Parish Council’s Code of Conduct please click here.

To view Winsley Parish Council’s Financial Regulations please click here.

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To view the Risk Management Policy click here, and the Risk Register, please click here.

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To view the Volunteer Policy and Procedures please click here.

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Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR):

Documents relating to Winsley Parish Council’s Annual Governance & Accountability Return are available here:

2019/20 Conclusion Notice; Annual Return (Sections 1 and 2); External Auditors Report (Section 3)

2018/19: Conclusion Notice; Annual Return (Sections 1 and 2); External Auditors Report (Section 3)


Winsley Parish Council is a member of the Valley Parishes Alliance which seeks to provide a single voice on social, economic and environmental issues which affect communities in the Avon and Limpley Stoke Valley. Its website can be assessed here