Nature Chain Winsley is a group established to encourage and share knowledge on creating more wildlife habitat in our neighbourhood both in gardens and the local landscape. Many wildlife populations are in decline across the UK, with once common garden birds like the song thrush and house sparrow under threat. To thrive they need water, food, shelter and a healthy, species-rich environment where they can raise their young. Gardening and managing land in a wildlife-friendly way creates a mosaic of linked habitats that sustain our wildlife for the enjoyment of all. 

How be a part of Nature Chain Winsley

* Pledge to maintain at least 20% of your garden or land as wildlife habitat. 

* Display one of our beautiful wooden Nature Chain plaques in your garden (donation of £5 to cover costs)

* Follow Nature Chain Winsley on Facebook

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Nature Chain is open to all residents of Winsley and surrounding area (Murhill, Turleigh, Conkwell)

To register please email Sarah Kearney at or post your contact details to Sian Colquhoun, 16 St Nicholas Close, Winsley, BA15 2NH.

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The talk on invertebrates by Paul Hetherington from Buglife is available on this video