Nature Chain aims to increase wildlife corridors and biodiversity in Winsley and surrounding villages by sharing knowledge and practical advice.

This Community venture encourages people to designate part (ideally 20 %) of their garden/ green patch/ flower pots/ allotment to wildlife needs. These needs are a healthy environment with water, food, shelter/cover, a place to raise young. This could be via flowers attractive to pollinators; sheltering shrubs and hedges; bug and bee hotels; bird feeders and baths; mini-meadows; compost heaps or ponds – thus creating a mosaic of linked habitats.

Such an approach not only benefits declining wildlife populations (hedgehog, insect pollinators, song thrush, greenfinch, house sparrow), but also links people by creating new friendships and mutual assistance, swapping plants and edible produce.

All Events are free, without membership and open to all. Donations are invited to help cover costs. Indoor Winter Events take place in St Nicholas Church with welcoming free spiced apple juice; Outdoor Events are guided walks and tours of local wildlife gardens, led by local enthusiasts.

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The talk on invertebrates by Paul Hetherington from Buglife is available on this video