Display board with names of those in H M Forces from the Parish of Winsley who died in World War 1 (Village Club)

Winsley at War

honours-boardDuring World War One, from the Wiltshire village of Winsley and neighbouring Turleigh, Conkwell, Murhill and Hartley, 113 men served in the armed forces. The names of these men are remembered on the Honours Board currently displayed in Winsley Village Club situated in the old school building.

Pictures from press releaseResearch has been carried out on each name to find where each person lived and what they did before, during and after the War. Information has been found on the vast majority of those that served, though some proved elusive.

One man went on to became Chairman of Yeovil Town Football Club, another built Winsley Village Hall and a third developed the Turleigh Reading Room.

The results of this research can be found at: https://winsleyatwar.wordpress.com/