The Parish Council receives copies of all planning applications that fall within the Parish boundaries. It has no decision- making powers and is only invited to comment, and must do so within a given timeframe. Comments are made from a public and local interest perspective only.  Each planning application is scrutinised by at least two Councillors looking at the details and making a recommendation to the full Parish Council. Once a comment is agreed by the Parish Council, it is forwarded to the Planning Authorities at Wiltshire Council.

It is important to remember that Parish Councillors are not planning specialists and that all interpretations on local and national planning policy are made by the professional Planners at County Hall, where the final decisions are made.

All relevant application details are on public display at Parish Council meetings and the reference numbers of those being considered appear on the agenda prior to a meeting. The reference number will also appear on an application notification, which will have been posted at or near the proposed site.

Any resident, or planning applicant, wishing to make the Parish Council aware of their comments can do so by emailing the Clerk through this website.  In addition, an opportunity is offered at meetings of the Parish Council for interested parties to address Councillors at the meeting in which the application in question is to be discussed. Comments can also be submitted directly to Wiltshire Council by following the link given below. Please be aware of the timeframes and include the application reference in any correspondence.

The details and progress of an application can be viewed here From which you can search for an application by using the reference number or selecting the Parish of Winsley from “advanced search” and some date parameters.