The parish of Winsley lies east of the river Avon to the west of Bradford on Avon and is much associated with that town. It was part of the ancient parish of Bradford and, not being a large village, was often linked with Limpley Stoke on the western bank of the river Avon. This river provides both the western and southern boundaries of the parish, which also contains Avoncliff, Turleigh, the medieval settlements at Hartleigh, Haugh and Ashley, and the more recent settlements at Conkwell and Murhill. The parish is on a limestone plateau, with Forest Marble (clay and shelly limestone) in the north and east, and a broad sweep of Great Oolite limestone in the west and south. The settlements of Winsley, Turleigh and Conkwell all lie on the latter. The land rises from about 110 metres in the east to over 150 metres in the west, before dropping steeply into the Avon valley.

Winsley village is on an uneven escarpment, which is followed by a minor road between Bradford and Bath. This road is narrow and twisting through the old village and was finally bypassed, to the north, in the late 1990s. Turleigh lies ½ mile to the east, separated by a steep, thickly wooded slope, and the road travels through a gorge-like valley with sides 90 metres high. There are many springs in Turleigh, where the limestone overlays a bed of clay. The most powerful of these is the Trows, where the water is a constant 520F.