Murhill Bank Work Programme

Our tasks, and the equipment most important for each, are to:

  • Clear scrub from the meadow – mattocks and loppers
  • Keep paths clear – secateurs and loppers
  • Remove debris from scrub clearance – rakes
  • Clear ivy from woodland floor – rakes etc
  • Work on paths and steps – mattocks, shovels, buckets, wood maul
  • Stabilise handrail – saws, mattocks, shovels, wood maul
  • Maintain the hedgerow below the Reserve – secateurs, loppers, saws
  • Clear invading marginal vegetation from small Little Ashley pond – secateurs, loppers, rakes

Work sessions are arranged approximately twice a month from autumn to spring and monthly during the summer.

The organiser for each session is

John Treble  01225 866094    

Volunteers to help with conservation work would be welcomed enthusiastically.