Homes For Ukraine – a Way to Help


 Bradford-on-Avon Homes for Ukraine scheme Felicity Courage says that 40 Ukrainians are here, 40 more are on their way, but she has run out of Hosts.  Can anyone else in Winsley step forward? 

Please contact Felicity,, or Barry and Linda Brooks”

We have all seen the deteriorating situation in Ukraine, millions of refugees and thousands of requests to come to the UK.

In Wiltshire, 2850 households have registered for the Homes for Ukraine scheme and 537 households have been matched to 1,383 individuals.  There are 230 school applications (145 primary and 85 secondary).  Wiltshire Council are part of the UK’s government approval of Hosts as well as actively helping Sponsors / Hosts and Guests – see  (1) [See key to URLs, below].  They also have a useful monthly newsletter for Sponsors, eg 10 June: (2), with links to sources of advice.

As you might expect, there are numerous social media groups all over the UK, eg “UK Accommodation for Ukrainian Refugees” (3) (81,123 members) with requests from Ukrainians seeking UK Hosts.  There is also a group for single UK female Hosts who would like to host females only (4) – it has many Ukrainian women seeking shelter.

Locally, in Bradford-on-Avon, Felicity Courage and other volunteers have set up a private Facebook group, “Bradford on Avon Ukraine Refugee Support Group”, at (5) (315 members), where Hosts / Sponsors and Guests share information, and ask for help, including links to jobs.  Felicity has helped some 60 Ukrainians to submit their visas to date, and some 26 have been approved and are now in the UK, another 37 are awaited.

Here in Winsley, Felicity has helped to match 6 households with 12 Guests – including Barry and Linda Brooks whose matched Guests, a Ukrainian English teacher and her 12- and 7-year-old daughters, await their visa approvals and could be here in the next few weeks.  Are there other hosts in Winsley who have made their own arrangements?  If so, as well as Bradford on Avon Town Council’s Ukrainian Club, meeting at the Hub in Church Street, (6), it may help to build a Ukrainian community in Winsley – particularly for the children of school age. 

There are still more Ukrainians seeking to come to the UK than there are offers to Host.  If anyone is interested in becoming a Host / Sponsor, take a look at the guidance and information in the links, and contact Felicity,, or ask Barry and Linda Brooks for our experience (